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Arctic Cruises and Expeditions

The Arctic region is becoming more and more accessible, so it is important to decide where you want to go and what you want to see and do. At Arctic Bound, we have extensive knowledge of the Arctic region and Arctic cruise and expedition ships and we are able to offer you Arctic holidays to suit your exact requirements. We have Arctic cruises to Svalbard and Spitsbergen, Greenland and the Canadian Arctic, including the fabled North-West Passage, Alaska, the Russian Far East and the White Sea.


All our Arctic holidays and expeditions give superb opportunities for wildlife encounters. The icon of the Arctic is the polar bear and you have great chances of seeing these on Arctic cruises to Spitsbergen, the Canadian Arctic and Wrangel Island, high in the East Russian Arctic.

In the southern and sub-Arctic regions, there are lots of Brown Bears (including in some part, Grizzlies). Look out for these in the Russian Far East, Alaska and parts of Canada. Other land mammals can be seen too – reindeer, caribou, musk ox and Arctic Fox.

At sea, there are many species of cetaceans and pinnipeds. Blue, Humpback, Minke, Bowhead and other whales – you may be lucky enough to see the white Beluga or even the rare Narwhal on your Arctic cruise. Walrus and seals abound, including in the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk, the beautiful Ribbon Seal. Arctic holidays are always for birdwatchers and none will be disappointed, with opportunities to see rare species like the ivory gull, gyrfalcon, king eider and Steller’s sea eagle.

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Stunning mountains and magnificent fjords, fields of ice and snow, tundra meadows bursting with colourful wildflowers, icebergs and, in the Russian Far East, a horizon of smoking volcanoes. Arctic holidays bring you these views and more. We even have Arctic cruises on board a schooner rigged sailing ship around the beautiful Lofoten islands in Arctic Norway, especially to seek out the Northern Lights.

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Adventure Activities

On Arctic holidays in the spring and summer, opportunities abound for a whole range of outdoor activities, not just from your Arctic cruise ship, but also land-based. Go dog-sledding and stay in log cabins in the snow; ski cross country in Spitsbergen or Greenland, including extended 5 to 17 day expeditions; try kite-skiing or ice-climbing; scuba and snorkeling are available on some Arctic cruises, whilst many also offer kayaking options.

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Culture and History

These remote regions are also home to unique native cultures. The Inuit of Greenland have a separate culture from those in Canada and Alaska as do the Chukchi of north-eastern Siberia and the Sami of Arctic Norway. Visit their towns and settlements, learn of their ancient traditions and buy examples of amazing native art, including bone, wood and stone carvings.

Follow the great explorers like Franklin and Amundsen in their searches for the North-West Passage, and Cook & Bering in the north Pacific Throughout the region are reminders of more recent history – abandoned mining settlements and towns created to support the massive whaling industry, which reached its peak in the late 19th century. In Eastern Russia are sad and poignant remains of the gulags, remote labour camps set up during those dark years of the mid 20th century, with their watchtowers now overlooking rusting vehicles and dilapidated buildings as nature gradually reclaims the land.

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Your Comfort

There is a variety of expedition ships, all with good standards of comfort. However, there are some luxury ships, where, without compromising the expedition experience, you can enjoy 5* service and cuisine on board. Arctic Bound works with all the finest expedition operators allowing us to pass on the best prices, special offers and exceptional value for money.

Come with Arctic Bound and join the few who are privileged to have visited these wild and exciting lands. Whatever your choice, we guarantee you super service, expert advice and not just an Arctic cruise, but the Arctic adventure of a lifetime.

Polar Bears

The icon of the Arctic, see them in Spitsbergen, Arctic Canada and Wrangel Island

Arctic Kayaking

See the ice from a different perspective.

Arctic Scuba and Snorkelling

The coolest way to see the ice.

Luxury Arctic

Arctic adventure with 5* comfort guaranteed.

Arctic Adventure

Skiing, snowshoeing, dog-sledding, kayaking, scuba, snorkeling, climbing, hiking and more...

Call 0800 678 5237 1-800 045785 1-8777 816194 to speak to one of our friendly experts